Watch repair

At Diamond Jewelers we offer basic watch repair services on our premises, while you wait whenever possible. Band replacements or repairs, battery replacements and minor adjustments can often be done in only a few moments.


Because every watch presented to us for repair requires different levels of attention, to be properly
serviced, we offer free estimates for watch repairs. This allows us to diagnose what is preventing a
timepiece from running properly and to calculate the cost of materials plus labor to provide you with
accurate estimate of repair charges. This also allows you the opportunity to make an educated decision
about investing in the repair of your watch.


Due to the tremendous variety and complex watches in the marketplace, we have partnered with expert
watch repairmen who work on everything from vintage collectible watches to modern day technical
marvels of timekeeping. These experts do not work on our premises, so please allow sufficient time for
us to provide you with an estimate and if approved, to complete a proper repair of your watch.


You may be happy to know that we will never mail your watch, without your prior permission, to reduce
handling errors, shipping damage and potential for loss. We use messengers to transport fine time
pieces, thereby adding another layer of protections for your valuables. And yes, of course we are
insured and assume full responsibility for the stated and agreed upon value of whatever you may leave
in our possession for repair.