Top Choices for Anniversary Gifts

1- Gold
2- Garnet
3- Pearl
4- Blue Topaz
5- Sapphire
6- Amethyst
7- Onyx
8- Tourmaline
9- Lapis
10- Diamond
11- Turquoise
12- Jade
13- Citrine
14- Opal
15- Ruby
16- Peridot
17- Watches
18- Cat’s Eye
19- Aquamarine
20- Emerald
21- Iolite
22- Spinel
23- Imperial Topaz
24- Tanzanite
25- Silver
30- Pearl
35- Emerald
40- Ruby
45- Sapphire
50- Golden Jubilee
55- Alexandrite

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May 24, 2020 – Please Note

COVID-19 UPDATE  Taking Care Takes Time


While we are still temporarily closed under the NY ON PAUSE regulations, we wanted to update you and let you know that we have been working very hard behind the scenes, planning for the day when we will be able to begin to re-open.  We believe you will be pleased with our comprehensive plan to serve you safely and provide one on one service.


Under the guidelines of the NYS Phase 1 re-opening plan (which will allow us to only do curbside and instore drop off, pick up and gold buying), our goal is to restart slow and safe with a very limited number of days, hours and services.  Our jewelers will be working on repairs and special orders.  Our staff is ready to meet whatever needs you may have.  As we are allowed to progress into NYS Phase 2 re-opening plan we will begin to expand our days, hours and services for your shopping convenience.


Taking Care, Takes Time.  We appreciate your patience while we slow down the pace of service to protect everyone.  From all of us at Diamond Jewelers, we want to send out a heartfelt thanks to the selfless and heroic front-line workers in the healthcare and essential services industries that have done all they can to keep us safe.  We would also like to thank our customers, friends and family who have supported us over the last four decades, serving the community for three generations now.  We miss you and we are looking forward to seeing you again!


Bob, Joy and the Diamond Jewelers Team